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Portrait Painting: Weathersfield Academy, CT

In this four day portrait painting workshop, we will work through each step of painting the portrait in oils. The first day will be spent drawing the block-in and working through proportion, capturing a likeness, light and shadow shapes, and anatomy. We will transfer the drawing to linen and then proceed to a poster study, full color underpainting, and the final pass. There will be thorough demonstrations and discussions on each step of the process. Lectures on elements of form, color, and technique will begin each day.  

A Four Day Workshop, July 24-27, 2017, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm



This 4 day, 5 night workshop is for beginners to advanced artists who would like to learn the techniques for rendering a realistic portrait in pencil. Participants will draw the portrait from a single pose lasting a total of 24 hours over 4 days. Demonstrations and discussions on establishing an accurate value range, anatomy, perspective, and materials will accompany individual critiques. The workshop is structured so that you will work for 3 hours with the model in the morning, followed by lunch, then another 3 hours with the model in the afternoon. Participants can expect to leave with a strong understanding of the tools needed for accurate drawing, as well as how to create three-dimensional form on a two-dimensional surface.

September 3 - September 8, 2017




This 4 day, 5 night workshop is intended for beginners to intermediate artists who would like to learn or strengthen the foundational skills for rendering the figure in graphite pencil. Through both demonstrations and one-on-one critiques, you will learn about anatomy, gesture, comparative measurement, shape matching, and using a plumb line. You will then learn to render the form of the figure with the classic Grand Central Atelier technique that focuses on conceptualising each form three-dimensionally in relation to light. Together with Kathryn, you will work through each step of a figure drawing, striving for accuracy and nuance. You will come away with a strong understanding of the tools and techniques needed to create a highly-realised and beautifully articulated figure drawing. 

September 10 - September 15, 2017



Students will draw the figure from life from a single pose lasting six weeks. The first several sessions will be spent developing a block in, depicting all the essential information needed to render the figure. Comparative measurement, shape finding, plumb lines, and anatomy will be used to achieve an accurate representation of the figure. After the block-in is satisfactory, the students will begin rendering each form using the “finish as you go” approach. This means that each area is given a sufficient amount of time and attention to finish it to completion before moving onto the next area. Knowledge of anatomy, form, and light will be used to achieve a highly detailed and informed academic figure drawing. Kathryn will do a brief demonstration at the beginning of class as well as come around to each student to give individual critiques throughout the session. Beginning to advanced students are welcome. 

Wednesdays 1-4 (Portrait), 5-8 (Figure and Cast), Next Session begins October 4th 


Tuesday/Thursday Evenings: Long Pose Portrait Drawing & Painting with Patrick Byrnes & Katie Engberg

Participants will draw and paint the portrait from a single pose lasting several weeks. The first several sessions of each pose will consist of drawing on paper to establish an accurate likeness, proportions, and structure in a linear mode. When the drawing is complete it will be transferred to linen for painting*. The following weeks will proceed in a rational way, applying paint incrementally through an understanding of the effect of light on form. This procedure will include lengthy discussions on the physical events that cause particular hue, value and chroma properties. Beginning to advanced artists are welcome. 

It is recommended that artists have drawn and/or painted in the Cast Hall before taking Portrait. 

*If artists have little experience painting or prefer to remain in a drawing mode they can opt to render fully in graphite on paper.

Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00-9:00pm