Grand Central Atelier: Long Island City, NY

June 3-7, 2019 (Monday – Friday) 5 days
10am – 5pm (lunch 1-2pm)

Limit: 12-14 artists

Each day will bring a new pose, building towards painting convincing and lifelike portrait sketches. We will approach the portrait sketch through a series of pedagogical steps beginning with portrait drawing in pencil, then grisaille and finally we will spend the concluding days on portrait sketches in oil using a full color palette. There will be an emphasis on drawing throughout, discussing concepts of flat shape block-in, anatomy, structure and perspective as they relate to the portrait. Paint handling and color mixing will be discussed as the workshop graduates to oils. The studio will employ a combination of demonstrations by the instructors and individual critiques to guide artists to meet individual goals.


Grand Central Atelier: Long Island City, NY

June 10-15, 2019 (Monday – Saturday) 6 days
10am – 5pm (lunch 1-2pm)

Limit: 12-14 Artists

In this six day workshop, artists will work through the fundamentals of figure painting, while creating a dynamic figurative composition. The first day will be dedicated to drawing the figure and locking down gesture, proportion, and likeness with comparative measure tools such as tilt matching, shape finding, and plumbs. The drawing will be transferred to linen, then the underpainting and final pass painting will ensue.

Detailed demonstrations on each of these processes will preceded each step, followed by individualized one on one critiques. Paint handling, color mixing/color theory, creating the illusion of form, and color harmony will be key components of these demos and critiques. Composition, creating impact, and balance, will also be thoroughly discussed throughout the workshop. Prior figure painting experience is recommended.

Kathryn Engberg %22Lilah%22 30x20.jpg

Grand Central Atelier: Long Island City, NY

June 25-30, 2019 (Tuesday – Sunday) 6 days
10am – 5pm (lunch 1-2pm)

Limit of 12-14 artists.

In this six day workshop, artists will work through the process of creating a fully composed gallery-ready painting. We will start by drawing the model dressed in a classic 19th century Edwardian costume, and then transfer the drawing to canvas. The following days will be divided between painting the portrait and capturing the different textures of the costume. This workshop will not only go in depth on creating the illusion of form on the portrait and costume, but also on creating the feeling of space and a striking composition.

All levels workshop but some experience painting recommended.